My Story

This is harder to write than you might think. While I have come to terms with the past, there is still something haunting about the memories. I was never the skinny sibling, friend, or athlete. High school was the worst 4 years of my life. I really don't have many fond memories. When people call you fat and ugly, whether they mean it or not, you start to believe it. Those words would send me to the pantry, thank you Keebler E.L.Fudge cookies(or what I call Keebler ELF cookies!). I gravitated towards food when I was happy, sad, mad, confused, heartbroken. It was how I made it through high school.

College was a much better experience than high school. Still fat, and ate through my feelings, but felt a little more accepted, thank you Swope :-) It wasn't until I moved to Virginia in 2001 that I started to workout. I remember running for 10 minutes on a treadmill and thinking I was a true athlete! The PE coach at my school told me that I had to run for at least 30 minutes to burn fat and I seriously considered punching her in the face. 30 MINUTES, ARE YOU CRAZY?!!?!?! It didn't take long to decide that running wasn't so bad and I should run a marathon. October of 2005 I completed my first marathon and I was hooked. I completed 3 more marathons, a few dozen half marathons, and every other distance you can think of! But despite working out at a gym, teaching bootcamp classes, losing 15 pounds of fat, running regularly, and others commenting on my "new body", I still didn't accept myself.

Fast forward to January 2014 where I decided to take the P90X3 challenge. I thought if I could complete a Tony Horton workout then I could do anything! I started to lose a few inches around my waist and thighs and drinking Shakeology helped with my crazy food cravings and I started to truly feel healthy. I started to see the person God created me to be and I liked it! I can look in a mirror and smile! I can cheat and eat m&ms and not hate myself after. I love myself, finally, after a long, rough 36 years. It is because I took that scary step to do something different and had support of my Beachbody coach. This company is more than $$$, it is about helping people get healthy and I knew I wanted to be a part of that so I became a Beachbody coach. I know how it feels to look at yourself with and without clothes and just hate yourself. I don't want anyone to feel this way again.

So, here's to getting healthy and loving the way you look one shake, workout, run at a time :-) 

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