Thursday, December 7, 2017

Healthy Holiday Habits

The holidays can be a joyous and beautiful time but they can also be filled with stress, anxiety, frustration, and too many treats!  So I'm sharing with you, my 5 tips to avoiding the unwanted extra bloat, weight, inches, and if you're like me, the unnecessary feelings of disappointment and self hate.

I am not an expert - just someone who has gone through many holidays eating her feelings away and starting the new year feeling depressed and bloated.  These are things that I do to avoid getting myself stuck in that dark, sad place.

Whether you are hosting or are heading out for a party, never start on an empty stomach.  Eat something small like a piece of fruit, a small piece of bread with peanut butter, a hardboiled egg, a health food shake.  I will make 1/2 of a shake to help fight off the hunger pains for a bit so I'm not heading to the food table as soon as I get there.

If you're like me, you like an alcoholic beverage or 2 or maybe 3 during a holiday party.  Make sure you are hydrated before you start drinking and have a glass of water in between the alcoholic drinks.  The water will also help keep you full so you're not heading back to the buffet table multiple times.....which leads me to my next tip....

Make 1 trip to the buffet table and start with fruits and veggies.  Load your plate up with fresh fruits and vegetables and then head to the other goodies.  Limit the dishes that are full of carbs and sugar, like casseroles, chips, crackers, cookies, beer, wine....yes, all the good ones.  I know that these foods taste good, but these will leave us feeling bloated and tired.

That's right - you read that correct!  Don't skip dessert, but make sure it's worth it.  There are so many desserts that we can have all year long, so why eat it at Christmas?  Treat yourself to that dessert that is only made once a year.  If you must have more than 1, take small portions (few bites each) so you can enjoy each one but not feel stuffed at the end.

The holidays are tough enough, you don't need to beat yourself up over a few extra treats.  Be kind to yourself.  Know that you may eat or drink more than you really should.  Tomorrow is a new day - start fresh and follow these tips again.

I hope these tips are ones that you can incorporate into your daily lives, but especially during the holidays.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment :-)

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