Sunday, September 10, 2017

Faith over Fear

It's 9:30pm and Hurricane Irma is bringing her lovely self through Northern Florida and will be here for a while.  I wasn't worried or nervous until the sun started to go down and darkness fell.  Why is it that the dark makes everything scarier?

It's times like this that I am reminded to walk by faith, not by sight.  To trust that God has everything in control.  That's what I'm doing tonight - trusting that God has use wrapped in His arms and will keep us safe.  <3

Sometimes our fitness journey can feel like we are in darkness.  We feel alone and not sure of which direction to head.  In those moments, remind yourself to trust the process.  Trust the tools you have in front of you and keep going.  The moments that we can push through and fight through the darkness, those are the moments that build our strength.  Those are the moments that help us build our confidence.  

Don't be afraid of the darkness.  Remember that God is with you through everything - trust Him.  

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