Thursday, June 23, 2016

22 Minute Hard Corps Review and Results

I was so excited to start my newest fitness journey with Tony Horton's latest at home workout program, 22 Minute Hard Corps.  I was excited for a few reasons:

1.  I love Tony Horton.
2.  I am a former bootcamp instructor and love circuit/bootcamp type programs.
3.  I am always up for a new challenge.
4.  I  have the utmost respect for our military and I wanted to see if I could complete a Basic Training type workout.
5.  Did I mention that I love everything Tony Horton ;-)

I was fortunate to try this workout with Tony in March on the SS Beachbody Cruise.  I think this was the "nail in the coffin".  After trying some of the moves, I was hooked!

I upgraded and ordered the Deluxe Package because I wanted to Special Ops workouts.  That's not a necessary component to the program, but I wanted to extra workouts and the SANDBAG!!!

So what is 22 Minute Hard Corps?
It is a no-nonsense, 8 week bootcamp style workout program.  It has 8 total body workouts which include cardio, resistance, and core routines.  Each workout is 22 minutes and is designed to get you in shape fast. 

The basic package includes:
8 - 22 minute workouts
  * 3 Cardio
  * 3 Resistance
  * 2 Core
Rations Guide (nutrition)
Workout Calendar
Bonus workout (if you order through a Beachbody Coach)

Side Note:  If you want all of the above PLUS the portion control containers and sandbag, you will need to order the Deluxe package.

What makes these workouts different?
Each workout is a circuit - meaning you complete 1 set of exercises and then repeat that cycle.  Each 22MHC workout has 3 sets of various exercises to various reps.  What I love about these circuits, is that each rep is done to a cadence.  The leader counts - 1, 2, 3, 4 5 and repeats.  You move to each number.  It's great for the music teacher in me!  I did not always stay with the cadence - sometimes it was just too fast.  

What equipment do I need?
You will need a set of light and heavy dumbbells or the sandbag.  For some of the workouts, you will need a pull-up bar or resistance band with door attachment.  You can use a mat for some of the jumping moves, but it's not necessary. 

What is a sandbag?
The sandbag is a substitute tool to use for the weights.  It challenges your stability (because the sand can shift) and this forces you to engage your core more.  The sandbag is NOT required, but I loved using it and would highly recommend you do the same :-) 

Overall, I really enjoyed this program.  It was challenging, but by the time you knew it, you were on the 3rd set and almost done.  Working out alongside some of the brightest and best men and women, was very inspiring and motivating.  Every person in the videos is a Veteran.  That's just really awesome!  

Here are my results.  I'm sure they would have been a bit better if I had dialed in more on my nutrition, but I'm super pleased with the strength and confidence I gained.  Plus, I don't crap out at 1 pull-up...I can at least do 8 before I start whining.  I still have to use the pull up assist band, but progress is progress!

                                                   Before Stats:               After Stats:
                                                   Chest: 34.5"                Chest: 34"
                                                   Waist: 33"                   Waist: 31.5"
                                                   Hips: 36"                     Hips:  34"
                                                   Thighs: 23.5"              Thighs:  23"

I know it's not a HUGE loss of inches, but I am stronger, healthier, and proud of myself!

If you are looking for a new program or are just getting started, reach out to me.  I am here to help you on your journey so you can start to feel more proud and confident! 

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