Monday, February 15, 2016

How do I get myself back on track?

I have had 7 weeks of struggle.
7 weeks of not liking the skin I am in.
7 weeks of working my butt off and not seeing any results.
7 weeks of letting my nutrition get the best of me.

Now, I didn't sit and eat an entire pizza and drink a case of beer.  I still ate healthy meals, but I allowed myself to snack more.  I allowed myself to eat much bigger portions than my body needs.  I allowed myself to say "it's ok, you'll start again tomorrow".  And then repeat that again tomorrow.

There is only 1 thing that has gotten me out of the darkness every time I get there.  Well, 2 - Jesus and this....

The 3 Day Refresh is a great place to start.  It isn't a magic cure for everything.  Yes, you'll lose probably lose weight and inches.  You'll get rid of the toxins and say goodbye to a lot of bloat.  But if you go back to your old habits on day 4, you'll be right back where you were.  

I'm lucky to be following a great fitness and nutrition program.  I am going to stay focused for as long as I can....I'm only human and my birthday is coming up....I will probably need another round of the Refresh ;-) 

Don't waste another moment being unhappy with your body.  Let's work together and celebrate the beauty and strength that is INSIDE and OUT.

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