Monday, December 7, 2015

FREE Fitness Challenge

I love the Christmas season but it often comes with busy schedules, stressful days, sweets everywhere you look, and excuses to not exercise. 

I am going to challenge you this season to take 1 week and schedule a 10 minute workout.  What is the workout you might, ask...BURPEES - everyone's favorite ;-) 

What is a burpee challenge?
There will be a schedule to follow with the number of burpees to complete each day.

Type of burpee?
There are many variations of the traditional burpee.  We will start with the traditional burpee and add variations for those who want an extra challenge!

Who can do the challenge?
ANYONE!  There will be modifications for each burpee type.

When do we start?
Monday, December 14 - Sunday, December 20

How can I join?
This challenge is open to my current clients or coaches on my team.  You can join my team or sign up for a FREE account here.

Will anything else be offered in this challenge?
Yes!  I will share my weekly meal plans and clean eating recipes, healthy holiday tips, and other fun exercises.

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