Saturday, July 11, 2015

3 Day Refresh

I have completed the 3 Day Refresh 4 times since July 2014 and each time I am reminded of how strong my body truly is, not just physically, but also mentally.  Cravings are a natural part of life and I am always going to have them.  I don't need to act on every one.  Going through this process, I am reminded of how important water is for our bodies and how it can squash a craving pretty quickly and save me from unnecessary calories.

Mentally, I am more focused and processing more happy, positive thoughts about myself.  I am not going through the "ugh, why did I eat those M&M's" or "seriously, you needed that extra glass or 2 of wine" at the end of the night.  I go to bed happy and dare I say, REFRESHED!

It truly is super simple and easy to follow.  I find that it works best when you stick to the plan and consume the correct amount of water.  Water helps to control the hunger and keeps you stay energized.  Day 2 is typically the rough day for me.  I'm just a little bit cranky ;-), sometimes a headache creeps in, but not this round, and I'm annoyed it's only day 2!  Day 3 is a piece of cake!

So, what is the 3 Day Refresh?
It a simple, safe way to detox your body in 3 days that consist of eating vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, 3 daily shakes, and a fiber drink.  

Who is the 3 Day Refresh for?
Anyone who....
*  wants to safely lose a few pounds quickly.
*  is trying to break a bad habit.
*  who is starting a new workout program
*  is feeling bloated and tired.
*  ate way too much over any holiday! 

What does a typical day consist of? (pictures posted at end of post)
Wake-up:  Drink 8 - 12 oz of filtered water

Breakfast:  Shakeology plus a serving of fruit (choose from an extensive list)

Mid-Morning:  Delicious Fiber Sweep drink

Lunch:  Vanilla Fresh (included) shake plus a serving of fruit, vegetable(choose from an extensive list), and healthy fat

Afternoon Snack:  Vegetable and healthy fat

Dinner:  Vanilla Fresh shake plus a meal from the dinner recipes list

Am I allowed to exercise during the Refresh?
It is not recommended that you do any high intensity programs while on the refresh so that your body can focus on cleaning up your system.  You consume 900 - 1,000 calories a day, so you won't want to expend a large amount on exercise. 

What does the program cost?
There are a few options with this program.  Contact me or your Beachbody coach for the best option for you.

When should I weigh myself and take measurements?
I like to take my before pictures, weight, and measurements in the morning.  You can take them whenever you want, just make sure you do the after measurements at the same time 3 days later.  

What results can I expect?
Everyone is different and your body will react differently than others.  You may expect to feel less bloated, sleep better, be more energized and focused, and have a greater appreciation for clean, drinking water.

Results vary, but you can expect a 2 - 5 pound weight loss and 1 - 3 inches loss around your waist.  But again, everyone is different and your body will respond differently than mine.  

My Results:
Day 1:
Weight - 137 pounds
Waist - 34.5 inches

Day 3:
Weight - 134 pounds
Waist - 33 inches

(I tried to erase the towel in the background if you're wondering 
what that smudge is on the after photo.)

(sorry about the smudges.....clearly I need to remove the background items!)




(missing the Vanilla Fresh shake)


Want to learn more about the 3 Day Refresh?  Contact me!